Private Gatherings

Eagle Skyfire requires a minimum of 8 people, not including the host or hostess. There is a travel fee, which is a non-refundable deposit, to lock in the day. The deposit may not be used as a payment for another reading as it used to cover her travel expenses. In gratitude for hosting her, you can choose to either have a free 25 minute session that day or a gift certificate for a twenty-five minute reading (a value of $90.00).

Your guests will each receive a 15 minute session. The cost is $65.00 per 15 minute session. Cash only please. Everyone will receive a free audio download of their reading. It will be sent to their email via Dropbox.

Eagle Skyfire will need an outlet to plug in her laptop, a table with two chairs, and a quiet space where you and your guests may feel comfortable during the reading. For example if there are a total of nine people (including yourself), estimate that the entire gathering would last approximately 4 hours.

Contact her today for more details or ask further questions, and to schedule your gathering.