Native American Chants Vol 1


These are traditional chants that are sung throughout the Americas to this day. They are mostly inter­-tribal. These songs have been used for many centuries by Native American tribes to commune with the sacred spirits and Ancestors of the land. Each chant is preceded by a teaching so that you may fully understand the meaning and energy behind them. Taking the time to learn to sing them properly is not only a sign of respect but will more fully connect you with the Breath of the Great Spirit and the Power of All Our Relations.

Volume One:
In this volume you will learn to sing Medicine Wheel songs of both of the North and of the islands. These songs were important because they not only signaled the people of different tribes that it was time to gather but also to welcome the divine beings to come and bless the gatherings. The Peace Chant is a call for peace amongst all peoples. It helps to create soothing vibrations wherever it is sung. This volume is a great introduction to singing the ancient chants.



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