Mentoring, Readings and Consultations

Readings and Consultations

These personal readings and consultations help to guide you with different concerns or areas of interest.  She can provide clarity in various areas of your life ranging from everyday matters to uncovering your life’s purpose and spiritual path, and more.  The most preferred are a Reading of the Earth and a Reading of the Spirit.

Personal Development of Intuitive and Spiritual Gifts

Everyone is born with intuitive and spiritual gifts.  One-on-one mentoring is tailored to your individual needs and pace.  In addition to learning several techniques so that your abilities may grow strong safely, you also will gain self-confidence and learn how to use them ethically.

Understanding Past Lives

Your current incarnation is the sum of what you learned and the deeds that you performed in past lives. Recognizing how these past life experiences and choices shape the lessons and manifestations of this one is key to being able to evolve and move forward more deeply in your soul’s journey.  Eagle Skyfire shows you where to focus your energy and helps to interpret what is revealed about these previous incarnations so that you may break free of old patterns or blocks and make breakthroughs that will create positive impact your life.

Soul Work

Eagle Skyfire is renowned for her skill in soul healing and assisting others in their soul growth.  She performs soul and Power retrievals that help you to become whole again.  Soul healing is a combination of understanding your karmic lessons, past lives where appropriate, your soul’s design and your Dreamweave– the “blueprint” and soul agreements you are born with coming into this life. Her work is profound, and will allow you to bring yourself back into Balance, thus empowering you to be able to reclaim your life.

Guided Meditations and Journey

These meditations and journeys help you to connect with your own inner knowing and spirit guides. They cover a variety of topics, and areas based on Native American teachings, to assist you in growing stronger in your spiritual practice and to walk more calmly in your everyday life.

Native American Teachings (Traditional):


You will learn to walk in the ancient spirituality of this land known as the “Good Red Road”.   Eagle Skyfire is a tradition keeper and a shaman priestess for her people.  She will share with you the ethics, philosophy, sacraments of Native American spirituality. She also will teach you how to create personal rituals if appropriate, and to understand and Walk with the Medicine Wheel, which is a symbol of this sacred path.

Heart of the Earth

These techniques will show how to apply Native American wisdom to create more harmonious environments, whether at home or at work. The result is overall a stronger sense of peace and well-being.  Working in kinship with natural forces assists in creating healthy energy that has the potential to attract better relationships and beneficial manifestation into your life.

Metaphysical Teachings:

Intuitive Development, Level I, II, Advanced

Eagle Skyfire will help you to discover and go further with your intuitive and spiritual gifts. Her hands on approach is fun, as she takes you through a “whirlwind tour” of various techniques from several cultures. You will use various tools to ask questions from your Higher Self and guides, and be taught how to interpret the messages you receive.

Intuitive Protection

Ever felt your energy drained or felt assaulted by something in your environment? Eagle Skyfire will train you in methods to help prevent you from experiencing this.  She will also give ways to ground and center yourself, plus how to recover your energy if you have been attacked intuitively.

Ethics and Discernment

Whether you are a practitioner, seeker of knowledge, or a client looking for help, you have certain rights that you should expect to be honored.  Eagle Skyfire explains these principles and how to implement them with compassion and practicality.

The Sacred Round of Heaven and Earth
This is a series of ancient Native American teachings where intense soul work is done in order to create the potential for your transformation and evolution.  You will learn your life purpose, the past incarnation that most strongly impacts this one, and many more lessons.  It culminates in you consciously creating your Divine Contract. This course requires an nine month commitment, one meeting per month, and can be done in a class environment or privately.

And because everyone needs some fun now and then:
Ghost Walks
Ever wanted to feel what it might be like to be a paranormal investigator?  Eagle Skyfire will meet with you at a location said to be haunted.  You will hear about the history of the location you’ll investigate, and will then learn how to conduct a simple investigation.  Bring with you a device that can record voices and/or a camera that is sensitive to take pictures at night.  It doesn’t need to be fancy, even a smart phone will do in a pinch!

Eagle Skyfire is a dynamic storyteller who loves to recount tales from many tribes and cultures from around the world– Stories that will make you laugh, make you think, but most of all bring back this simple joy of childhood.