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Eagle SkyfireOnce people truly connect deeply to their inner Power, the road to healing, growth and spiritual enlightenment begins. The reward is becoming who you were meant to be, living a life that is dynamic and healthy yet holds inner serenity while you reach for your Dreams. You have the power and the wisdom within to make yourself and your life beautiful. This responsibility doesn’t have to be a painful process, but instead one that creates lightness and true freedom. It will connect you to your purpose. It will connect you to the One, the All and to yourself.

I will guide you with ancient traditions Native to this land, yet Universal in heart. Your Higher Self, your Helpers coupled with practical methods will create a personal path to wholeness and enlightenment. This is my purpose. This is my gift. This is my work.

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Mentoring & Consultations

These personal readings and consultations help to guide you with different concerns or areas of interest. 

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Meditations to help you to connect with your own inner knowing and spirit guides, based on Native American teachings.

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Eagle Skyfire offers a variety of services, including personal readings, workshops and event appearances.

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