Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel Teachings:
Every year is known as a “Turn of the Seasons” in Native American tradition. Each Turn is made of thirteen Moons. Each Moon lasts twenty-eight days each. The names of the Moons would vary from tribe to tribe. The names of the Moons might sound odd to you, but the names serve the function of describing the spiritual energy running through it in addition to looking for certain signs in nature to prompt specific activities necessary for survival. Each Moon has three guides, also known as keepers, that assist you in learning the lessons for the period of time they watch over. One is from the animal kingdom, the second from the mineral kingdom, and the third is from the plant kingdom. I use a teaching Medicine Wheel that is based on the tradition of the Chippewa-Ojibway. Only the elders and sacred teachers of each Nation have the right decide with whom they share the traditions of their People.

Each each season has a Spirit Keeper. Each Spirit Keeper watches over three Moons. The thirteenth Moon wanders around and can come in any season each Turn. It is known as the Crazy Moon, or the Coyote Moon.

In addition to the teachings of the thirteen Moons, and of the great Spirit Keepers of the seasons I will also briefly describe the energy that is unique to that Moon relating to this specific Turn. Each Spirit Keeper has unique lessons that I will share with you as time goes by.

However, to receive the full benefit of the teachings and personally connecting to the energy and messages of the Moon I strongly encourage you to attend one of my Medicine Wheel meditations. I offer them at various locations and as a conference call once a month. Nothing can compare to receiving these teachings “live” and amongst kindred spirits. Please refer to my websites calendar for specific details and to register.

It is with gratitude and pleasure that I share this with you. Walk in peace.