Skyfire’s November Power Word: Kindness Part II

This the second installment of a two part blog.  Kindness Part I can be found as October’s Power Word 2017.  The link to Kindness Part I can be found at the bottom of this blog.


Although it can be difficult to be kind in this world, it is important to strive be so!  Bestowing kindness should not just be limited to human beings, but shared with all living beings. Showing kindness to Mother Earth, and to the beings of nature does more than allow us to enjoy clean air and our beautiful Earth– it ensures that all the unborn children and animals of tomorrow will enjoy both physically and energetically a better world and a brighter future. Kindness does not require much. All it requires is compassionate empathy, and mindfulness. Treating others as you yourself would like to be treated. Simple acts of kindness and love for others lets them know that their lives matter, and that someone “sees” them. The simple fact of being thought about goes a long way in being able to feel good, and to feel that you belong. When we do this for each other we create a sense of community– a solid community born from universal heart.


It can be very difficult to remain kindhearted in a world that seems to glorify the opposite. Not everyone is open to receive your friendly smile. However, do not take it personally for we all have bad days. Who knows what journey that person is on?   It can be especially rough to be kind when you have those people who take wrongful advantage. Part of kindness also is about being discerning.  It is about giving what is needed as it is needed. In these cases, sometimes the kindest thing is not to enable negative behavior and to reestablish healthy boundaries.


Another form of kindness that seems to be neglected in this extremely busy society is kindness to oneself. For example people will cram their day full of things to keep them busy and occupied. These same folks will complain that they are tired and exhausted, but make no time for the things that nourish will them as a person with a body and a soul. Making time for yourself every day to do things that allow for you to unwind and to be yourself is very important!  Make it a priority to do at least one good thing a day for yourself– without being rushed– to feed and maintain your own body, mind and spirit.


By doing acts of kindness for ourselves, for others, for animals, and for our Mother Earth every day we are creating a web of goodwill. This web of goodwill in turn becomes a wave that moves through the circles you walk in and your community. In turn that wave will join with other waves of kindness forming in other places, and becomes a tsunami that can change the world.  Our acts of kindness may seem like just another drop of water, but even a  drop of water raises the level of the sea!

Eagle Skyfire is a Native American shaman, seer, spiritual teacher and ceremonial leader.  Her mastery of these practices allows her to empower people deeply in transforming their lives, and to gain deeper understanding of their soul’s purpose. Connect @EagleSkyfire, via Facebook, LinkedIn, or visit

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